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42 Grams

4662 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60640
no phone


Chef Jake Bickelhaupt (Schwa, Alinea) and his wife, Alexa Welsh, the hostess, live above this sleek BYO storefront, and the welcoming dinner party experience is meant to feel like a trip upstairs. The prix fixe menu and communal seating mean groups of strangers make their way together through Bickelhaupt’s 14 to 15 creative courses: a tumbler with a gelée of gin that looks like an ice cube; a bulbous duck tongue with duck cracklings and ash-baked eggplant; a play on tom kha soup with coconut noodles on a white porcelain spoon; pork-rindish pecorino crisps atop pecorino foam and fondue. It’s nonintimidating fine dining, and the whimsy never fatigues, nor does the meal drag. Online reservations only.

  • Reviewed

Dishes We Liked

(All dishes are part of a prix fixe menu.) Juniper Jump, potato soup, coconut, foie gras, sweetbreads, caffeine

Additional Information:

Price: $50-plus
Cuisine: Contemporary
Neighborhood: Uptown
Hours: D Wed-Sun.
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