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2651 W. Peterson Ave.
Chicago, IL 60659


It may sit on a stretch of Peterson notable only for the Wolfy’s Hot Dog’s sign, but this stalwart competes in the sushi big leagues. Whether you order à la carte or put yourself in the chef’s hands, you’ll receive fish of unimpeachable freshness, with as much devotion shown to presentation as to preparation. Don’t ask for extra wasabi, though: Chef Katsu is not about to let mere amateurs monkey with his creations. Stiff prices, bland room.

  • Reviewed

Dishes We Liked

Spinach goma ae ($7), negihama maki ($9), beef and asparagus roll ($14), lemony flounder ($16), eight-piece omakase ($60, chef’s selection of nigiri)

Additional Information:

Price: $50-plus
Cuisine: Sushi/Japanese
Neighborhood: Rogers Park
Noteworthy: Wheelchair accessible
Hours: D Wed-Sun.
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