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Our fashion director, Stacey Jones, scoured the runways of Paris and New York for ten items that every Chicago woman must have for her fall wardrobe. Without further ado, meet your necessities

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Long skirt by Michael Kors





CHRIS BENZ cape ($1,825), at Chalk Boutique, 2611 Prairie Ave., Evanston.


Photography: (7) Courtesy of vendor, (8) Jeff Harris



4 years ago
Posted by VeronikaBlackstone

The fur bag and statement cape are both fugly and ridiculous.

4 years ago
Posted by gstuart88

It's bad enough the choices are ugly, but on top of that, the prices are ridiculous! In case you haven't noticed, we are in an economic crisis right now; ordinary women cannot afford $7,000 purses, for God's sake!

4 years ago
Posted by Frenzy1

Whoa, chill. Fashion starts on the runway. See that gorgeous Burberry aviator jacket? Yeah, that's inspiration to find something similar (and clearly more affordable) to inject in your wardrobe to fit in with the season's trends. Why are you reading about Fall Fashion if you're going to complain about stuff being expensive? So sick of this recession/economic blabber! It's FASHION! Ugh.

4 years ago
Posted by beejane

Feathers, fur bags and "statement capes?" Count me out. Not even inspired to "find something similar."

I am digging the Fifties style and the slightly flared pants, though.

4 years ago
Posted by deekay

I am very disappointed in the fashion director for considering fur anything fashionable and recommending faux four. There is nothing fashionable about cruelty and torture. Women are sexy when they are comfortable in their own skin & not the skin of other animals.

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