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Pannenkoeken Café

Not everyone who travels to Amsterdam falls in love with a pancake and later returns to the Netherlands to apprentice at a restaurant just to get the skinny on how to make it. That’s what Linda Ellis did, and the result is this cozy Lincoln Square nook, which opened in September to showcase her Dutch treat. “My mom always dreamed of starting her own breakfast place,” says her daughter, Gina, who works the dining area, “but the pannenkoeken was definitely the key.” And it is dandy. A tad thicker than a crêpe but considerably more svelte than your everyday flapjack, it’s a perfectly round, plate-dwarfing, not-too-sweet, lacy-edged knockout. It comes with several toppings, our current faves being (a) a chocolate-sauce-spritzed, banana-dotted chocolate banana version laden with whipped cream ($7.95), and (b) a beauty decorated with thinly sliced apples, caramelized hazelnuts, whipped cream, and a dusting of cinnamon ($6.75). But the café also turns out a lush Belgian waffle showered with bananas and strawberries; crisp French toast; and a variety of egg dishes, including a well-stocked veggie omelet. Plans are in gear to expand both the menu and hours, so weekend dinner will be on tap by the time this article appears. A good thing, too, as an avid pannenkoeken coterie sprang up the minute the place opened. 4757 N. Western Ave.; 773-769-8800. –Jill Rohde



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