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Ten Chicagocentric applications that make Apple’s iPhone an on-the-go guide for exploring the city

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Chicago Cubs Trivia
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APPTIA // $.99  Apptia’s Chicago Cubs Trivia app gives rapid-fire questions about former players, the team’s history, and recent events. Of course, true Cubs fans might scoff at how easy some of these questions are. For example, “How many career home runs did Ernie Banks hit?” 512. Duh. But there are good ones in there, too, such as, “Whom did the Cubs trade to the Phillies in 1982 to obtain Ryne Sandberg?” Ivan DeJesus. Silly but fun. (Sillier still: For 99 cents, the White Sox Finder app will use the iPhone 3GS’s compass feature to point its graphic version of home plate toward the Cell.)

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MultiCam Chicago
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STANTON SOFTWARE // $.99  If you missed Roz Varon’s morning traffic report on Channel 7, you might not know that the tie-up at the Circle Interchange is heavier than usual or that the Kennedy and Edens junction is running pretty smoothly. But with your iPhone, you can access the fixed highway cameras that traffic reporters like Varon use to spice up the broadcast. MultiCam Chicago taps into the area freeway system to give you frequently refreshed snapshots from cameras placed at key points along all major highways.

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