Gangs and Politicians: Map of Chicago Gangs

Experts estimate that there are 70,000 to 125,000 gang members in Chicago—a population that, on the low end, rivals Evanston’s and, on the high end, exceeds Springfield’s. Over the years, Chicago’s street gangs have formed two loose alliances: the People and the Folks. According to information from the Chicago Police Department, which tracks gang boundaries, here are the five largest gangs and where they reign.

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3 years ago
Posted by dangermaus

It'd be interesting to see some elaboration about the sources used to construct this map. Some of these squares are really small, and must point to activity traceable to just a couple individual houses/buildings. It's not like the various gangs have deeds recorded with the Cook County Recorder...

3 years ago
Posted by kfw

The East/West street labels are missing between Roosevelt and 43rd - update please?

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