Top Doctors in Chicago: Glands and Organs

The best specialists in dermatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, pulmonary disease, urology, and endocrinology, diabetes & metabolism


MURAD ALAM Mohs surgery; skin cancer; melanoma; Botox therapy. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8106

VICTORIA H. BARBOSA Ethnic skin disorders; hair loss; pigment lesions; acne. RUSH. 312-407-0000

MARK ALLAN BERK Cosmetic dermatology; skin cancer; psoriasis; acne. MASONIC. 847-234-6121

JAMES FEINBERG Cosmetic dermatology; hair loss. UIC. 312-413-7783

JEROME M. GARDEN Skin laser surgery; facial rejuvenation; vascular birthmarks. NORTHWESTERN. 312-280-0890

JOHN T. KEANE Dermatopathology. CHRIST. 708-636-3767

ALEKSANDAR L. KRUNIC Mohs surgery; skin cancer; melanoma; dermatologic surgery. UIC. 312-996-8666

DAVID A. LORBER Skin cancer; acne. EVANSTON. 847-675-9711

MARY MASSA Cosmetic dermatology. RUSH. 630-968-4500

AMY S. PALLER Genetic skin disorders; immune deficiency (skin disorders); atopic dermatitis; pediatric dermatology. CHILDREN’S. 773-327-3446

ARTHUR R. RHODES Melanoma; melanoma risk assessment and early detection; pediatric dermatology. RUSH. 312-942-2195

CHRISTOPHER R. SHEA Melanoma; cutaneous lymphoma; pigmented lesions. CHICAGO. 773-702-6559



WILLIAM BAYER Diabetes; thyroid disorders; osteoporosis. DuPAGE. 630-668-3210

STEVEN BIELSKI Diabetes; adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid disorders. DELNOR. 630-208-6775

DAVID A. EHRMANN Polycystic ovarian syndrome; diabetes. CHICAGO. 773-702-6138

MARY ANN EMANUELE Diabetes. LOYOLA. 708-216-0160

PETER A. KOPP Thyroid cancer; pituitary disorders; parathyroid disease; McCune-Albright syndrome. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-7970


THEODORE MAZZONE Cholesterol and lipid disorders; diabetes. EVANSTON. 847-663-8540

LOUIS H. PHILIPSON Diabetes; hypoglycemia; cholesterol and lipid disorders. CHICAGO. 773-702-6138

ROY E. WEISS Cushing’s syndrome; pituitary and thyroid disorders. CHICAGO. 773-702-2373

PHILLIP L. WERNER Diabetes. LUTHERAN. 847-318-2400



ROBERT M. CRAIG Inflammatory bowel disease/Crohn’s; liver disease; swallowing disorders; diarrheal diseases. NORTHWESTERN. 312-908-9644

MICHAEL J. GOLDBERG Colon cancer; inflammatory bowel disease; pancreatic and biliary disease; endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). EVANSTON. 847-657-1900

STEPHEN B. HANAUER Inflammatory bowel disease; Crohn’s disease; ulcerative colitis; clinical trials. CHICAGO. 773-702-1466

DONALD M. JENSEN Transplant medicine (liver); hepatitis C; liver and biliary disease; liver cancer. CHICAGO. 773-702-2300

PETER J. KAHRILAS Esophageal and swallowing disorders. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-5620

FRANK J. KONICEK Endoscopy; inflammatory bowel disease/Crohn’s; pancreatic and liver disease. SWEDISH. 773-871-4600

MICK S. MEISELMAN Pancreatic and biliary disease; Barrett’s esophagus; endoscopic ultrasound; colonoscopy. EVANSTON. 847-570-2030

GEORGE E. MORGAN Peptic acid disorders; colon and rectal cancer detection. EDWARD. 630-833-0653

CAROL E. SEMRAD Celiac disease; diarrheal diseases; malabsorption syndrome; nutrition. CHICAGO. 773-702-6921

HELEN TE Liver disease; transplant medicine (liver); hepatitis. CHICAGO. 773-702-2395

DAVID H. VAN THIEL Transplant medicine (liver); hepatitis; liver disease. RUSH. 312-942-8910

IRVING WAXMAN Gastrointestinal and pancreatic cancer; endoscopy. CHICAGO. 773-702-1459



RONALD K. HAMBURGER Kidney failure; hypertension. PALOS. 708-422-7715

SHELDON HIRSCH Dialysis care; hypertension. MERCY. 312-913-0110

MICHELLE A. JOSEPHSON Transplant medicine (kidney); hypertension. CHICAGO. 773-702-6134

ROGER A. RODBY Diabetic kidney disease; glomerulonephritis; lupus nephritis. RUSH. 312-850-8434

STUART M. SPRAGUE Kidney stones; metabolic bone disease. EVANSTON. 847-570-2512



AMJAD Z. AHMAD Oculoplastic and orbital surgery; cosmetic and reconstructive surgery; eyelid cosmetic and reconstructive surgery; tear duct problems. UIC. 312-996-9120

DIMITRI T. AZAR Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK)-refractive surgery. IEEI. 312-996-2020

NATHALIE F. AZAR Pediatric ophthalmology; strabismus. IEEI. 312-996-2020

ROBERT S. FEDER Corneal disease; Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK)-refractive surgery; cataract surgery. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8150

GERALD FISHMAN Retinitis pigmentosa; inherited retinal disorders. UIC. 312-997-3666

MARK GREENWALD Pediatric ophthalmology. CHICAGO. 773-834-5685

THOMAS JOHN Cornea transplant and artificial cornea; amniotic membrane transplant; cataract surgery; refractive surgery. LOYOLA. 708-429-2223

MARIAN K. MACSAI Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK)-refractive surgery; cornea transplant. GLENBROOK. 847-657-1805

JAMES McDONNELL Pediatric ophthalmology; strabismus; retinopathy of prematurity. LOYOLA. 708-216-6756

MARILYN METS Pediatric ophthalmology; ophthalmic genetics; strabismus; retinal disorders. CHILDREN’S. 773-880-4020

WILLIAM F. MIELER Retina and vitreous surgery; eye tumors and cancer; macular degeneration. UIC. 312-996-6660

THOMAS R. MIZEN Neuro-ophthalmology; optic nerve disorders. RUSH. 312-942-3500

ALLEN M. PUTTERMAN Oculoplastic and orbital surgery; cosmetic face and eye surgery; thyroid eye disease; cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery. ST. JOSEPH. 312-372-2256

MICHAEL A. ROSENBERG Cataract, eye muscle, and refractive surgery. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8150

THASARAT S. VAJARANANT Glaucoma; women’s eye health. IEEI. 312-996-7030

NICHOLAS J. VOLPE Neuro-ophthalmology; strabismus. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8150

ARAS ZLIOBA Cataract surgery; glaucoma; external eye disease. PROVENA ST. JOSEPH. 815-741-3220



HOWARD M. BAIM Head and neck surgery; sleep disorders/apnea; sinus disorders. MASONIC. 773-883-1177

ROBERT W. BASTIAN Voice, swallowing, and laryngeal disorders. GOOD SAMARITAN. 630-724-1100

ELIZABETH BLAIR Head and neck cancer and surgery; thyroid and parathyroid surgery; salivary gland tumors; skull base tumors. CHICAGO. 773-702-4934

MICHAEL FRIEDMAN Sleep disorders/apnea and snoring; thyroid and parathyroid surgery; sinus disorders/surgery. MASONIC. 312-236-3642

ANDREW J. HOTALING Pediatric otolaryngology; sleep disorders/apnea; neck masses; ear infections. LOYOLA. 708-216-9183

PAUL J. JONES Pediatric otolaryngology. RUSH. 312-942-2175

ROBERT C. KERN Nasal disorders; sinus disorders and surgery; snoring/sleep apnea; taste and smell disorders. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8182

JOHN P. LEONETTI Skull base tumors; neuro-otology; head and neck cancer; facial paralysis. LOYOLA. 708-216-4804

ERNEST MHOON Ear disorders; sleep disorders/apnea; head and neck surgery. CHICAGO. 773-702-1865

ROBERT M. NACLERIO Head and neck surgery; pediatric otolaryngology; sinus disorders surgery. CHICAGO. 773-702-0080

HAROLD J. PELZER Head and neck cancer; swallowing disorders. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8182

GUY J. PETRUZZELLI Head and neck cancer and surgery; thyroid cancer; skull base tumors; pituitary tumors. RUSH. 312-942-6100

GORDON J. SIEGEL Head and neck cancer; nasal and sinus disorders. NORTHWESTERN. 312-988-7777

JAMES STANKIEWICZ Endoscopic sinus surgery; rhinosinusitis; nasal and sinus disorders. LOYOLA. 708-216-9183

KERSTIN M. STENSON Head and neck cancer and surgery; head and neck cancer reconstruction; trauma; vocal cord disorders. CHICAGO. 773-702-1865

DEAN M. TORIUMI Rhinoplasty; cosmetic face surgery; reconstructive plastic surgery. UIC. 312-255-8812

RICHARD J. WIET Acoustic neuroma; hearing loss; otosclerosis; stapedectomy; cochlear implants. HINSDALE. 630-789-3110

NANCY M. YOUNG Cochlear implants; cholesteatoma; hearing loss; Baha implant. CHILDREN’S. 773-880-3020



ROBERT A. BALK Asthma; cystic fibrosis; respiratory failure; lung injury; acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). RUSH. 312-942-6744


EDWARD GARRITY JR. Transplant medicine (lung); pulmonary vascular disease; asthma; cystic fibrosis. CHICAGO. 773-834-7235

HOWARD JAFFE Bronchoscopy; critical care. UIC. 312-355-1700

KEVIN L. KOVITZ Interventional pulmonology. DuPAGE. 847-498-5864

CHRISTOPHER O. OLOPADE Asthma; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); sarcoidosis. CHICAGO. 773-702-9660

MICHAEL R. SILVER chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); lung cancer; asthma. RUSH. 312-942-6744

MARTIN TOBIN Mechanical ventilation; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). HINES. 708-202-2705



CHARLES B. BRENDLER Prostate cancer. GLENBROOK. 847-657-5730

WILLIAM J. CATALONA Prostate cancer and disease. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-6126

ROBERT C. FLANIGAN Bladder, kidney, prostate, and urologic cancer. LOYOLA.708-216-5100

GORDON R. GLUCKMAN Prostate and kidney cancer; minimally invasive urologic surgery; robotic surgery. LUTHERAN. 847-823-3185

JAMES M. KOZLOWSKI Prostate cancer; continent urinary diversions; laparoscopic surgery. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8146

LAURENCE A. LEVINE Erectile dysfunction; male infertility; Peyronie’s disease; prostate cancer. RUSH. 312-563-5000

KEVIN T. McVARY Prostate cancer and disease; erectile dysfunction; minimally invasive surgery. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8146

ROBERT PASCIAK Prostate cancer and disease; incontinence. EDWARD. 630-369-1572

LAWRENCE S. ROSS Male infertility; erectile dysfunction; prostate disease. UIC. 312-440-5127

ANTHONY SCHAEFFER Interstitial cystitis; incontinence after prostate cancer; female urology; urinary tract infections. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8146

GARY D. STEINBERG Bladder, kidney, and prostate cancer. CHICAGO. 773-702-3080



2 years ago
Posted by Kristin M.

I've been a patient with this practice for years. Unfortunately, during that time I've seen the practice turn from a medical office to a profit driven business.

1. Attention and Competency of Medical Staff: Dr. Sanchez is in and out the door as quickly as she can be. If you have any questions or concerns about your condition, have them ready before she comes in and be poised to grab her before she runs out the door.

The PA, Kelsey, is much nicer but extremely inexperienced. I went in for red bumps and she told me they were bed bug bites. She did a biopsy to confirm the results of which wouldn't be back for a while. In the meantime, I had an exterminator bomb my place which cost $500. When the office finally called with the results, it wasn't beg bugs. It was hives. Her misdiagnosis cost me $600 in exterminator bills.

2. $$$$$ - Making money from you is the mission of this office (rather than providing quality medical care). They push their own products on you which are not covered by insurance and are rather expensive (compared to over the counter products or rxns covered by insurance). Once I bought their sunscreen, which came in a regular sized bottle, but when the bottle ran out with in a few weeks, I saw that there was actually only one ounce of sunscreen in the bottle. The bottle was designed to look like there was 3x as much product in it than there actually was. It cost $40.

Once I went in for a regular check up, and mentioned that I had some acne on my forehead that wouldn't go away. The doctor said she could get rid of those if I wanted. I said sure and the doctor popped them which took 2 minutes. Later I got a bill that listed the procedure as "surgery" with a charge of $100/whitehead popped.

Another time, I went in to pick up a product (that I had been using) and was completely bamboozled. Rather than just giving it to me, their anesthetician came out and said she could take care of me but I should follow her in the back so we could speak with more privacy. Next thing you know she has the PA in with us and I got a bill a few weeks later for an office visit.

Also for the appointment when the PA misdiagnosed me, I was charged $500. When she suggested I get a biopsy, I asked if the procedure would be fully covered. (After the incident with the acne, I thought I should check.) Both the nurse and the doctor said it would be covered. A few weeks later, I got the bill. When I called the office with the complaint, I was told that none of the staff would have said that.

3. Support Big Pharma Companies - Whenever they give me a rxn for something, it's always for a new drug the pharma companies are pushing where no generic is available. They give me a coupon but this always creates problems for me with the pharmacy and involves multiple calls with the pharmacy, activating the coupon card, giving my info to pharma companies, calls between the pharmacy and my derm office. The last time I begged them to give me something that was available in a generic. They said there wasn't anything. The rxn was for acne, not some rare disease.

I know Dr. Berk has been listed in Chicago Mag in peer reviewed surveys as a good doctor. However, I wonder how his peers are evaluating him. I saw him when I first started going there, but after the initial appointment, I was consistently told his schedule was full and was quickly passed off to other docs in the practice. I've also noticed on Yelp a number of poor reviews of Dr. Berk's office. That in addition to my own experiences makes me question how trustworthy Chicago Magazine's assessments are for doctors.

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