Guilty Pleasures

Keeping constantly to the straight and narrow can turn life into a dreary poison. To provide an escape, our confessional correspondents reveal their sinful secrets, forbidden fantasies, hedonistic hideaways, and diet-damning indulgences—everything from a luxurious lunchtime spa visit to a wild night of WhirlyBall to some sexy lingerie and eye-opening erotica. What’s your pleasure?

Photo:Lenard Gertz Photo Styling:Sheila Styling Food Styling: Janice Bell
A quack in the diet: even conscientious calorie counters will have a hard time resisting the duck-fat fries at Hot Doug’s

We all know confession is good for the soul. And recent medical reports suggest that pleasure promotes a healthful body. As usual, Chicago’s correspondents are ahead of the curve. Ever eager to both kiss and tell, they each reveal their sinful secret delight, be it pigging out on exotic sausages, slipping into something sexy, or cutting out at midday for a sensual spa experience-or a stiff drink. Now, what’s your pleasure? Go ahead and indulge yourself. We won’t tell.