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Singles 2011: Where Are They Now?

For 12 years, we’ve combed the city for its most eligible men and women. We checked in with a handful of past singles to find out the latest news in life—and love.

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Caecilia 'Chess' Hubbard in our 2006 Singles feature

Caecilia Hubbard now

2006 Single
DJ, co-owner and web editor of the online magazine UR Chicago // Lives in South Loop

Back in 2006, Hubbard was spinning tracks for Chicago’s nightlifers under the stage name DJ Mother Hubbard. Now 31, she has augmented her career in mixing beats with entrepreneurship, becoming a co-owner of the online culture magazine UR Chicago and starting two music groups: the electro-pop duo Moneypenny and its dubstep counterpart, CENOB1TE.

Moneypenny played Lollapalooza in 2009. How was that? “I’ve DJ’ed for so long, so it was a huge gig. We played early and had professional dancers on the stage, which attracted a big crowd. But it was hot, and if we had gone longer, the singer might have passed out.”

Still single? “I’ve been dating a music producer for a year and a half, and in my books, that’s a pretty long time. I normally don’t date musicians, but he wore me down.”

What’s next? “I’m returning to Lolla this year as a judge for the remix contest. And then there’s the maximum responsibility of taking care of my two dogs.” —S.M.S.

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Photograph: (magazine spread) Megan Lovejoy


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