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Singles 2011: Where Are They Now?

For 12 years, we’ve combed the city for its most eligible men and women. We checked in with a handful of past singles to find out the latest news in life—and love.

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Steven Rosengard in our 2008 Singles feature

Steven Rosengard now

2008 Single
Assistant curator at the Museum of Science and Industry and independent fashion designer // Lives in Lake View

At the moment, Rosengard is curating his first museum exhibit (it opens next January at the Massillon Museum in Massillon, Ohio), and he’s looking for a storefront for his growing bridal gown business. The former Project Runway contestant says his days of getting recognized in the gym are behind him, but that’s fine: He’s been living with his boyfriend since February.

How did you guys meet? “We met at a friend’s party. He said he always saw me in the coffee shop, but he was too scared to say hello. I was like, ‘Are you stalking me?’”

So it wasn’t a setup. “No one’s ever tried to set me up. Either people don’t like their friends or they don’t like me.”

Any big plans for you two? “There’s a vague possibility of a cat, as long as I get a storefront. Alley cat or mountain lion, it doesn’t matter.” —M.B.

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Photograph: (magazine spread) Megan Lovejoy


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