The File on Citadel’s Ken Griffin

He’s the billionaire founder of the Chicago-based hedge fund Citadel. He’s also a philanthropist, a political player, a benefactor of the arts—and a person with a penchant for privacy. So who exactly is Kenneth Cordele Griffin? We scoured public documents, financial records, and other sources to come up with the answer

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Illustration by Lorenzo Petrantoni

GERALD BEESON The chief operating officer, Beeson joined the firm as an accounting intern in 1993, according to a BusinessWeek online profile. The son of a Chicago cop, Beeson is a trustee at DePaul University.

ADAM COOPER The chief legal officer, Cooper sits on the boards of Northwestern University’s law school and the Children’s Memorial Foundation. He holds degrees from the University of Michigan and Northwestern Law.

ALEX LURYE Lurye heads global portfolio construction and risk, gauging the firm’s risk tolerance. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn and an MBA from New York University.

JAINE MEHRING A graduate of Yale with an MBA from Cornell, Mehring runs human capital management and development. She previously worked as an analyst of food markets for Salomon Smith Barney.

TOM MIGLIS Miglis is the chief information officer. He oversees the creation of the trading technology that forms the essence of Citadel’s business. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Baruch College, a branch of the City University of New York.


Illustration: Lorenzo Petrantoni



3 years ago
Posted by albanypark

What is the point of this article? Some outrageously rich guy and all of his possessions.What did he ever do to make the world a better place?

3 years ago
Posted by b3890004

albanypark, What is the point of your existence? What did you ever do to make the world a better place?

3 years ago
Posted by JenHen

OK, Bitter in Albany Park. Did you happen to actually read the article and take note of the charitable contributions that this man and his wife have made? Maybe you should look before you leap.

3 years ago
Posted by Nikos

I used to work at cig several years back and even had lunch with Mr Griffin. Tough place. But I learned a lot and was paid fairly. Very beneficial for my career. I admire Mr Griffin. The US needs more of his type. Very intelligent and hard driving and focused man. He works hard and is motivated and surrounds himself with like mnded people.

2 years ago
Posted by hoacele

For what it's worth, I know for a fact he entertains young women around the Chicagoland area and fly's them out to Aspen as prostitutes,

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