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Made in Chicago

Stuff we crave from 11 local designers of things for the home
by Barri Leiner


After studying in Copenhagen, Bridgette Buckley, who now works at the Holly Hunt design studio, describes her take on Scandinavian design as “humanistic.” Her Crab Table ($1,875; through the designer, at 312-805-0475 and bridgettebuckley.com) is functional yet elegant.


Peter and Marilyn Frank, known collectively as F2, base their one-of-a-kind vessels and lamps on Scandinavian glass design. Their two-piece Mushroom Cloud Lamp ($800; at Hejfina) embeds beige and white glass into a clear substrate through a process they invented together.   Rockford native and apprentice to local Bauhaus guru Berthold Schwaiger, Jason Lewis understands the sculptural qualities of solid hardwood, as seen in his low-back side chair in black walnut ($950; through the designer, at 312-738-2507 and jasonlewisfurniture.com).


Decorator, designer, and beach lover Anne Coyle looks to nature for inspiration. “An organic form always makes a room less serious and more genuine,” she says. Her coral chandelier ($5,800; at Anne Coyle Interiors, 773-235-6131) is forged in iron and hand painted to order.


Former fashion buyer Kiyomi Kimble turned her textiles background into a line of hand-screened pillow covers with motifs such as nautical knots and wildlife silhouettes ($210; to order, e-mail kiyomi.kimble@gmail.com). Custom upholstered furniture is next.


Each pattern from Casey Gunschel’s collection of hand-silkscreened wallpapers ($140 to $160 per roll; at Urban Source, 312-455-0505) begins with a painted proof inspired by nature, though she also loves antique maps, fable illustrations, and rediscovered classic patterns.


Andrew Kephart gained an insider reputation doing custom work for architects and interior designers. His walnut-and-stainless-steel twins table ($2,800 for the pair; at Hejfina, 773-772-0002), produced under his -ism label, is Kephart’s first foray into limited-run commercial production.


ON THE GREEN FRONT: three eco-friendly designers create sustainable beauty

Alejandro Morales’s Indian Trunks ($600 a piece; through the designer, at 773-213-4180) are solid oak tree stumps that have been lacquered, polished, and fashioned into tables.   Andy Hall’s Half Sheet Full Tube table ($500; through the designer, at hallmfg@gmail.com) puts reclaimed CDX plywood and an old bicycle inner tube to new use.


Ceramist Jon Hook uses renewable resources—native clay, as well as deadfall from his neighbors’ yards to fire his kiln—to make his vases (from $200; through the designer, at 219-362-9478 and hookpotterypaper.com).


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