West Town News: Branch 27

What interests us most about the new restaurant is the impressive roster of talent behind it

Cary Michael (left) and Howard Natinsky at Branch 27


Everyone loves the fact that Branch 27 resides in a former West Town library, partially because the jokes are so easy. (“Will the waiters shush you if you make too much noise?” a friend asked.) What interests us about the new 125-seat spot is the impressive roster of talent behind it. Cary Michael (Rockit), Howard Natinsky (Fat Cat), and Bob Zrenner (X/O, North Pond) have combined forces to create a stylish-yet-rustic restaurant that doesn’t try to be anything other than what it promises: a smart neighborhood spot. “We’re calling it an American bistro,” says Michael. “Flat-iron steaks, mussels, seafood, roast chicken. Good, solid bistro fare.” 1371 W. Chicago Ave.; 312-850-2700.


Photograph: Anna Knott



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