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16. Garry McCarthy

Garry McCarthy

AGE: 52
OCCUPATION: Superintendent, Chicago Police Department

The city’s top cop sets the agenda for crime fighting—and he has not been shy about exercising his influence. Within months of ditching Newark last August, he made good on his promise of change, shifting 1,000 officers from desk jobs to beat patrols. McCarthy has targeted 12 gang “conflict zones,” beefing up resources in each. The result? An overall 8 percent drop in crime. But real power would be the ability to significantly lower Chicago’s still-high murder rate.

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Photograph: Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune



2 years ago
Posted by ccjohncc

This guy Garry McCarthy states that "the War on Drugs can be won" Yeah right and pigs can fly. I cant help but wonder that he makes statements so that the powers that be who have their heads in the sand and want to perpetuate that outlandish goal will keep in in high paying positions of fighting what is a perpetual no win scenario. I am 55 and a recovering drug addict. I had a business that I made six figures in my last two years before becoming addicted to heroin via cocaine. I never committed a crime through out my active addiction. When I ran out of money I got on a methadone clinic. According to Garry, and I quote, "All addicts commit crime." I am not saying that applies to many but their are many that is not true. That type of close minded thinking and statements contribute to the never ending problem of drugs as much as a drug dealer because it literally blocks addicts from getting the help they need to get out of their deadly spiral because they are treated as criminals instead of sick people.

1 year ago
Posted by Sosa Switzerland

True words there CCJOHNCC!
I hope you can keep it up like that and stay sober as much as it's good for you, not talking about having a beer in the evening or so ;)

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