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50. Patricia Hemingway Hall

Patricia Hemingway Hall

AGE: 58
OCCUPATION: President and CEO, Health Care Service Corporation

With health care costs zooming, the power to decide whether your doctor’s visit will be reimbursed is huge. And no single Chicagoan has more say on that than Hemingway Hall. She runs the company that owns the area’s biggest health insurer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. Should Obamacare withstand legal challenges, granting coverage to 1.75 million uninsured Illinoisans, her business can only expand.

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2 years ago
Posted by brucemalone

Pat leads a large number of Chicago residents by listening, using her superior judgement, and creating a consensus. Then she uses her special talent of picking the right leadership team to execute the plan. That is the right kind of "power".

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