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1. Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel

AGE: 52
OCCUPATION: Mayor, City of Chicago

In the ten months since he sailed into office on an endorsement from President Obama, our pugnacious mayor has proved he’s the city’s alpha male. Exhibit A: the 50–0 vote on his first budget in November, despite its painful cuts and fee hikes. He has fearlessly gone after Democratic sacred cows, including politically explosive issues such as city pension changes, that even the mighty Mike Madigan (No. 4) has refused to touch. He has publicly bullied those who oppose his agenda (take that, teachers!). And he has massaged his D.C. connections to bring both the NATO and G8 summits to Chicago this May. Prior summits have seen massive and violent protests, so hosting them is a ballsy move. If Emanuel can’t control the situation, well, Chicagoans have tossed mayors for less (remember Bilandic and a certain snowstorm?). If all goes as planned, though, the summits will allow this shameless self-promoter to demonstrate that Chicago is a world-class city—and that he’s a world-class mayor.

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1 year ago
Posted by chicago680

How sad is journalism today. Chicago magazine once a beacon for outstanding journalism submitting the fact reports in the March issue that Rahm is 58. I guess you get plus 2 points from the administration listing him as #1 in the most Powerful lest but then we need to deduct 7 points for stating that Rahm is 58. (Bad move Chicago magazine).

Then when you try to correct it online as I'm sure the Emanuel machine immediately called to have the inaccuracy reported, you then mistakenly list Rahm at 52 when he is, in fact, 53.

I guess too many cuts at the Tribune company to really have a fact checker. I think fact-checking an age could be done by interns at the high-school level. But then to AGAIN misreport is tragic. Sloppy journalism at its best.

1 year ago
Posted by Chicago magazine

Hi Chicago680,

This article is from the March 2012 issue when the Mayor was 52. This year's list can be found here:

We do regret the printed error and have made the correction.

Thank you.

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