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96. Tony Hu

Tony Hu

AGE: 44
OCCUPATION: Restaurateur

Hu has done more than anyone to educate Chicagoans about Chinese culture—through food. But beyond his Lao restaurant group of seven local establishments, Hu is an important connector in the fast-moving Chinese business community.

MORE ON HU: Tony Hu Opens Lao You Ju in Chinatown

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Photograph: Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune



2 years ago
Posted by anonymous-restaurant-visitor

Fuck Tony Hu! That prick stepped over me as I laid unconscious on his restaurant floor 5 feet from him in Feburary 2011 - while his wait staff also stepped over and around me - and didn't even get my wife who was sitting around the corner away from the kitchen unable to see me. I could've died on his floor. All I can say is this: what goes around comes around, asshole!!!

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