This is the 2013 edition of the Power 100. You may also be interested in the 2014 Power 100.
100 Most Powerful Chicagoans: 2013

By Lori Barrett, Gina Bazer, David Bernstein, Carly Boers, Cassie Walker Burke, Elly Fishman, Steve Hendershot, Noah Isackson, Geoffrey Johnson, Kevin Nance, Penny Pollack, Dennis Rodkin, Jeff Ruby, Matt Schur, Bryan Smith, Mark Sorkin, Jennifer Tanaka, and James Ylisela Jr.


1 year ago
Posted by Kessler

It's an honor to see Joe Berrios - the father of modern nepotism & cronyism - on this list.

1 year ago
Posted by I Love Chicago A Lot

Interesting list. The governor of the state of Illinois comes in at 70?

1 year ago
Posted by TheRealDeal

The Most Powerful Chicagoans: The street gangs.

1 year ago
Posted by Barbmjones

The new general director at Lyric Opera, Anthony Freud, belongs on list.

1 year ago
Posted by Mitchell Szczepanczyk

With the exception of Karen Lewis #24, Roger Ebert #74, and Jorge Ramirez #82, and maybe a small number of others, this is a rank genuflection of high-ranking corporate and government officialdom, most of whom are busy with the petty business of cementing their own power and prestige rather than trying to help people and to address the pressing issues of (surprise!) unjust corporate and government power. (We expect little else from the for-profit Tribune-corporation-owned Chicago Magazine.) "Success is for creeps", quoting the immortal words of Bobcat Goldthwait, and this is with a handful of exceptions the list of the creepiest Chicagoans in this town.

What would be great is an inversion of this list with a listing of The _REAL_ Chicago Power 100, the 100 underdogs in Chicago who shake things up, challenge the status quo, fight the unbeatable foe, right the unrightable wrong, run where the brave dare not go. Having lived in this town for 17 years, I count myself lucky to know a few of these incredible men and women. Just off the top of my head, I can mention William JR Fleming, Tom Tresser, Jorge Mujica, Andy Thayer, Ron Kunde, Chris Geovanis -- and Karen Lewis. ;-)

I'm sure we can come up 100 awesome people to fill out The REAL Chicago Power 100. Who's interested?

1 year ago
Posted by TomTee

Hey, thanks for the shout-out Mitch! But the list Chicago Magazine has compiled has some real utility. It helps to remind the activists who the targets are :) But - seriously, you have a real point. Does someone with, say $100,000, like to endow a Leadership Change Chicago organization to annually bring together change champions with a class of young leaders for mutual learning and work?

1 year ago
Posted by Frank Martinez

Can't believe how little you know about Hispanics in Chicago. Juan Rangel? this person does not have any follow up from the community, he is a puppet from Daley and Rahm to handle the Charter Schools agenda. His UNO organization is the continuation of the infamous HDO. They use their "latinoness" to help themselves only.

1 year ago
Posted by Jazzmandel

What a sad list. As a native Chicagoan keeping my roots and contacts there active, it's dismaying to see dishonored villains like Sam Zell, are still powerful. It's tragic there isn't aren't but six people connected with the arts, only Roger Ebert representing journalists (he and Tracy Letts the only writers), no architects, no representatives of broadcasting, television or film production, only two "tech entrepreneurs," no educators (unless the CEO of the public schools and presidents of the Board of Ed, U of C, Northwestern and Axelrod at the Institute of Politics count), only CEO's of Walgreens and McDonalds connected directly to retail operations -- but honchos from the Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, Sox, and Cubs (two!) all purportedly influential. No one involved with O'Hare, Midway, the CTA or RTA, but three restauranteurs? One identified "philanthropist"? I hope there are hundreds more empowered Chicagoans who represent some of the interests of common citizens of the city, and who have a vision of a future that regains some power from the corporate giantism identified here as holding the most sway.

1 year ago
Posted by Obviousness

Joe Berrios is corrupt.

1 year ago
Posted by Shecago

Yes. The pitiful gangs rule Chicago. The gangs' pitiful role models came from pitiful Al Capone.

5 months ago
Posted by jack51002

the fact that the Greg Brown, CEO of Motorola and on President Obama's Management Advisory Board is not on this list, gives it absolutely no credibility. Come on now...

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