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Jeff Smisek

Jeff Smisek

Age: 58

Occupation: Chairman and CEO, United Continental

Thanks in part to the CEO’s skillful handling of pilot contract negotiations last year, the world’s largest airline showed Smisek the love, more than tripling his compensation (to nearly $15 million) and adding “chairman” to his title. Unfortunately, the carrier (with $37 billion in revenues) is still losing money and, in January, announced 600 layoffs.




1 year ago
Posted by bobguthrie4950

Smisek did get a additional $10 added to his salary for being the CEO but did nothing for the Rank and File of the Air Line. Smisek
can't fly and doesn't know how to Fly what is this Yo-Yo doing as CEO
of a Air Line? He is a Lawyer and can make his way thru a Contract like a Viper thru high grass. When he went to meet the President he was photographed walking away from the meeting alone. He had no one who would socialize with him much less be seen with him, he was all by himself. He makes some real stupid comments about the Air Lines Operation. Other CEO's of various Air Lines look down on him for his lack of ability. When UNITED is hit with a Strike that is coming it is his fault that the Air Line went out on strike. The 787 was a Big Mistake and is on the ground. The 787 is not gaining any Flight Hours and the Pilots lack experience with this Air Craft. There are going to be a lot of Engineering Orders to re-do systems and controls. Jeff is a Dud. Maybe his dog loves him?

1 year ago
Posted by crazyotto

I am not sure who you are Bob Guthrie but I can tell you you are not an airline expert. Smisek is a brilliant guy who was hand-picked by one of the industries foremost leaders, Gordon Bethune. The 787 will be the most important airplane of the 21st century. Merging two airlines with different cultures, platforms etc. is a daunting task. He is doing the work to get it done. What other airline CEO's look down on him? Please provide proof. You mentioned he was alone after meeting with the President so what ?

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