Team hypnotic prints and dizzying patterns for a fun and funky spin on the season

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LOUIS VUITTON dress, MARC BY MARC JACOBS striped jacket, JÉRÔME DREYFUSS bag, ISSEY MIYAKE socks, LA-LA BY LORI LEAVITT bracelet, and MALOLES printed platform pumps.

LOUIS VUITTON dress (about $4,085), at Louis Vuitton, 919 North Michigan Avenue. MARC BY MARC JACOBS striped jacket ($478), at Marc by Marc Jacobs, 1714 North Damen Avenue. JÉRÔME DREYFUSS bag ($1,145), at Fix, 1101 West Fulton Street. ISSEY MIYAKE socks ($50), collection available at Macy’s, 111 North State Street. LA-LA BY LORI LEAVITT bracelet ($235), at Fix. MALOLES printed platform pumps ($481), at


Photography: Tom Corbett

Stylist: Stacey Jones
Model: Daniela Mirzac/Marilyn
Makeup: Julie Tomlinson/ for Dior
Hair: Tyler Laswell/contact for Tresemmé
Styling Assistants: Stephanie Soong, Heather Conover



4 years ago
Posted by Jiye

Love all the prints!

I'm a Chicago based fashion blogger. If you ever need bloggers for any features or contributing, I hope you would take me into consideration.

3 years ago
Posted by Chicagoan39

I just wish these amazing prints could be pulled off by someone who doesn't look like a super model. you can't get as crazy as some of these combinations are because you will look ridiculous. when you have minimal curves and are tall...i feel like this is more doable. if you have too much body going on or get as wacky as some of these gorgeous prints are, you look like you have no fashion sense...its a shame haha.

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