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“The concept is to have different flavors of guacamole,” explains Dudley Nieto, a consulting chef at Totopo. “Different flavors of salsas. Different flavors of tortilla chips.” Warning bells. Sounds like a Mexican chip-dip stand (wrong), and Nieto never stays anywhere for long (immaterial). Totopo is a spiffy, if generic-looking, Mexican grill owned by Ray Maldonado, Nieto’s old friend. Yes, there is the tortilla chip/salsa/guac conceit, and service is fast-casual, but behind the business plan lurks serious talent in the cocina. The black bean soup tastes like soul food, the double-tortilla-wrapped pescado tacos under roasted tomatillo salsa burst with freshness, and the carne Oaxaca—grilled hanger steak with smoky morita salsa—is shockingly juicy and tender. As for Nieto, Shakespeare was right: Don’t shoot the messenger. Oakbrook Promenade, 3041 Butterfield Rd., Oak Brook; 630-573-8686 

VINCENT (Dutch Bistro)
In my travels, I recently came across a real live Dutchman and told him that I had just sampled beer-battered haddock on snert (split pea soup) in Chicago. He nodded in that amused way that only someone who speaks four languages can nod. I suspect he would approve of Vincent, the pleasant Andersonville bistro where his countryman, Joncarl Lachman, schools Chicagoans on the joys of a cuisine to which most have never had reason to give the time of day. Around the cozy room, patrons dig into pork bitterballen (fried meatballs), gamely attempt to order zaansemosterdsoep (mustard soup with crab salad, a cheese called smeerkaas, and tarragon pesto), and chase maatjesharing (pickled herring) with shots of juniper-kissed jenever gin. Lachman hedges his bets with familiar bistro stuff like warm baguettes, onion soup, and five different kinds of moules frites. All well and good, Joncarl, but you had us at snert. 1475 W. Balmoral Ave.; 773-334-7168 

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3 years ago
Posted by rmb

Including Silom12 on this list is completely ridiculous. I recently dined there with three friends and had a horendous dining experience. We began our evening by sitting and waiting 15 minutes before being approached by a waiter. Once we were finally greeted and received water, we pulled out our BYO bottle of wine and asked our server for wine glasses. We put in our order and waited and waited and waited. Finally, the two of us who had ordered a soup and appetizer for our meal, received our food. The other members in our party were left to sit and watch us eat for at least a half hour (still no wine glasses). In addition to the completely poor service, the food was lack-luster and over-priced.

3 years ago
Posted by ChiTownDreamin

My friend and I went to Totopo after reading this article in your magazine. As the atmosphere itself is kind of generic, we had hopes that the food would "wow" us somehow. It didn't. While we were pleased with the variety offered, and the service was fine, the food was just okay. I don't feel I am out of line in calling it a more upscale version of Baja Fresh. It was good, not great. I'm honestly puzzled as to how it made it into the ranking of one of the best new restaurants in the area.

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