A Daisy of a House

Ginevra King, the model for The Great Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan, spent her youth in this Lake Forest house that is now for sale.

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“[My parents] didn’t like to advertise the [Fitzgerald] connection,” says Reilly, “but it didn’t always come up, either. In fact, more people asked about the [dining room] chandelier” (pictured above).

But with the enduring fame of The Great Gatsby, that connection maintains a powerful allure. “I read the book differently now that I’ve been in the house,” Chedid says. Standing in the foyer, a visitor can imagine the class-conscious Fitzgerald waiting for his upper-crust love to descend from the rooms above. And looking across the broad stone terrace and formal gardens out back, he can easily envision one of Gatsby’s outrageous parties—although there is no green light beckoning from the Buchanans’ dock across the bay.

Photograph: Chris Guillen