Joakim Noah’s Turnaround

NOAH’S ARC: From a shoot-from-the-lip goofball who floundered on court and aggravated his teammates to a fiery star anchoring the Bulls and drawing covetous looks from another team, Joakim Noah has accomplished one of the most dramatic turnarounds in pro sports

Noah: “It’s my journey, and I’m not going to let what someone else says dictate what I’m supposed to do with my life.”   Photo: BRIAN KUHLMANN; PHOTO ASSISTANT: COLIN BECKETT WARDROBE STYLIST: AMY LAUHOFF O’BRIEN HAIR AND MAKEUP: RACHAEL PERRIN INTERNS: MARY FIX, NATHANAEL FILBERT

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4 years ago
Posted by KathyAL

I'm excited to meet Joakim Noah in person this Saturday, Oct. 30th at Junior's Sports Lounge. He is raising money there for his Noah's Arc Foundation - another great effort by Joakim to support the kids in the community!

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