Where to Go for Great Bagels, Crepes, Coffeecake, and More

A steal at $5.95: the egg and chorizo breakfast torta, with a side of to-die-for potatoes and a dash of creamy hot sauce
Café Con Leche (2714 N. Milwaukee Ave.; 773-289-4274)

Served red (mild) or green (spicy), and great either way
San Luis (2903 W. Diversey Ave.; 773-276-0691)

They’re free while you wait
Lou Mitchell’s (565 W. Jackson Blvd.; 312-939-3111)

Because veganism need not equate to rabbit-food breakfasts: s’mores pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and espresso doughnuts—all vegan
Bleeding Heart Bakery & Café (1916 W. Chicago Ave.; 773-904-1414)

The least likely spot for amazing strawberry crêpes
La Casa de Isaac & Moishe (2014 First St., Highland Park; 847-433-7400)

The most likely spot for amazing crêpes Yussuf (butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and raisins)
Icosium Kafe (5200 N. Clark St.; 773-404-1300)

No better breakfast-on-the-run than a fresh bagel
New York Bagel & Bialy (4714 W. Touhy Ave., Lincolnwood; 847-677-9388)

Hot off the grill, this one hits all the a.m.-food group bases: cinnamon, walnuts, sour cream, cream cheese
Southport Grocery and Cafe (3552 N. Southport Ave.; 773-665-0100)

Proving—with puffy fritters and custard-filled phyllo bites—that breakfast appetizers aren’t a waste of stomach space
Kanela Breakfast Club (3231 N. Clark St.; 773-248-1622)

Very berry and more smoothie than juice: Freckled OJ
Over Easy (4943 N. Damen Ave.; 773-506-2605)

Where you can restart the party on Sunday afternoon or nurse some hair of the dog while dancers, strolling musicians, and DJs entertain
Roof (The Wit, 201 N. State St.; 312-239-9501)

Great way to kick off your day like a Viking: a bowl of soft herring chunks studded with pickled onions
Svea (5236 N. Clark St.; 773-275-7738)

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3 years ago
Posted by Hanah

I am trying to find a way to recommend my favorite restaurant; I live in Naperville where my friends and my family drive about 30 miles to get to Jerusalem Cafe in Oak Park IL. Nice middle eastern restaurant offering the best falafel I had since I visited Jerusalem, great hummus, great shawerma and other fresh salads.
Two brother struggling to make it work after they left their father restaurant in Jerusalem's old city and came to Chicago to try to replicate what they had in Jerusalem. Real good food, excellent effort to make it happen. Interesting survival story. We would appreciate you giving them a chance in your next reviews.

3 years ago
Posted by Elizabeth Riley (Chicago magazine)

Hi Hanah,

Thanks for commenting! We'll pass along the tip to our dining team.



12 months ago
Posted by Kchicago

Chicago Magazine Dining Team,

Please visit E.Leaven Food Company on 54 E Ontario. Absolutely the best bagels in town, I promise! And so much more than bagels. Every item of the menu is freshly prepared from the scratch each day.


Please give them a try and a place in your next review.

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