Best Breakfasts in Chicago and the Suburbs

SUNNY-SIDE UP: Whether you’re in the market for a healthy meal or a carbo-bomb of yesteryear, morning in Chicago is better than ever—and we’ve got 75 ways to prove it.

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3 years ago
Posted by whitesox25

What? No Pauline's? That's a tough one to leave out.

3 years ago
Posted by Blondie123

Whoever wrote this overlooked the Bongo Room. I have been to at least five of the restaurants on this list (mostly in wicker park), and while they are very good, the Bongo Room blows them all out of the water.

3 years ago
Posted by Tom G

Wow--there isn't a single good breakfast place in the south or southwest suburbs? That's amazing!

3 years ago
Posted by Cnydly

How could Ann Sather's not be on this list?! Great food, terrific value and the best cinnamon rolls in the world!

3 years ago
Posted by joe a

I'm sorry, but if you exclude 'The Original Pancake House' (excepting, however, the Walker Bros venues), you lose all credibility. The one at Armitage and Clark has been there 30+ years and you ignore them? I used to go to the one in Wilmette til I quit being a slave to the car I'm grateful for their accessability in the Lincoln Park hood. You do however include the trendy NEW places who may not be around in a year. You've shown your hand as 'followers of fashion'. Shame on Chicago Mag.

3 years ago
Posted by Kid33

No Glenn's Diner?

3 years ago
Posted by boos33

Great list! I can't wait to try some of the restaurants that are listed. I'm surprised that Orange isn't on here. It seems to be a breakfast/brunch staple of many. Additionally, I know that Angel Food Bakery is somewhat of a hidden jem but Marmalade is on here and they aren't...interesting.

3 years ago
Posted by sully

Clearly the authors conspired to leave Bongo Room off the list only to misdirect uninformed readers in an attempt to shorten their own wait times at Bongo Room on weekend mornings. That's the only plausible theory...I'm sure a publication as reputable as Chicago Magazine could never embarrass itself with such an egregious omission as leaving Bongo Room off a list of best Chicago breakfast restaurants. Not only must Bongo Room be on the list, it is without debate the #1 breakfast restaurant in the free world.

3 years ago
Posted by Breakfast junkie

No Toast and their mascarpone-stuffed French toast and the best home fries around? No Tiztal and their amazing oatmeal shakes?
How can this be?

3 years ago
Posted by Foodie9

Come on Chicago Magazine! Bongo Room was the inspiration for most of the restaurants on this list (and I have been to more than 3/4 of the restaurants that you list). You can go to almost any foodie blog for almost any major city in the USA (and some foreign foodie blogs as well) and the reviewers consistently recommend that foodies visiting Chicago go to the Bongo Room for breakfast. I have been going to Bongo Room since it was a 6 table operation under the Damen Blue Line L Station and they have always impressed me with both their creativity and their ability to excel and both the sweet and the savory. I do have to admit that I am secretly a bit happy that you did not put them on your list because that will reduce the wait time next time I go there.

3 years ago
Posted by ArunaAdvaney

Where are these places? Not the most reader friendly layout and editing for us suburbanites.

It would be possible to choose a place if they were in sequence by locations, instead of alphabetical order.

Most of them only tell you the street address, and not the city. I would have to Google almost every single place to know if any of them are in the desired vicinity.

3 years ago
Posted by Elizabeth Riley (Chicago magazine)

Thanks for commenting, ArunaAdvaney. We appreciate the feedback and I'll let the Web editor know about your suggestion. As for the addresses, we only mention specific cities if the location is outside of Chicago. So if you do not see a city listed, then it's within the city limits. Hope that helps.

2 years ago
Posted by slooprealtor

How in the World did you miss Wildberry on Randolph in the AON Building. It is incredible...pot roast eggs benedict - yum - the best in chicago right now.

1 year ago
Posted by claudio

did any one try lucky grill restaurant for breakfast on jefferson park 4454 n Milwaukee mmmmm you mees ing the beast

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