Here Are the 10 Hottest Restaurants in Chicago

The Bentley Tavern, Travelle, and more places everyone’s talking about (and dining at) in November.

No. 8 The Bentley Tavern: Everyone loves a restaurant named after the owner’s dog—for a few years at least.   Photo: Courtesy of The Bentley Tavern

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8 months ago
Posted by Pecan1

Well, I've tried your Food and Dining website and it certainly has some terrific features, but it doesn't have the compact ease of use that the abbreviated Guide had in the print edition, nor the ease of scanning a whole page or two of restaurants without having to search out individual restaurants by eighty (80!)
neighborhoods (60 of which I've never heard of or have any idea of their location) and God only knows how many weird cuisines. I am one of many, I am sure, frequent customers who search out not the "hottest" new restaurant nor the most expensive, but rather a fine ethnic restaurant with BYO privileges or reasonable wine list that won't require a second mortgage to frequent. As it is, the dining guide Filter should be placed more prominently, you should cut down on the number of neighborhoods or retain the convenient North/South/Suburban, etc., that the printed guide had--and return the printed
listings to the print edition. Without the dining guide you have only given me a reason to wonder why I subscribe to your fine magazine. Carl Gilmore

8 months ago
Posted by Pecan1

Your new web page conveniently allows me to search diligently to find the Dining Guide filter and what I am looking for in about fifteen minutes instead of the three minutes I used to take with your printed guide. You should keep the web site but restore the printed version!

8 months ago
Posted by RobJohn

No Unite Urban Grill in Noble Square? It is awesome, you have to check it out. Great vibe, it is always fun and lively. Food and cocktails are soooo good!

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