Chicago TV Shows Rated By Chicagoness

OUR TOWN: Four network shows—The Good Wife, Mike & Molly, Happy Endings, and Whitney—are set in the Windy City, but how authentic are they?

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A scene from 'Whitney


Fridays at 7 p.m. on NBC; returns October 19
Whitney Cummings and her cohabiting boyfriend, Alex, navigate life together.

WHY IT’S HERE: “We picked Chicago because it’s a modern American city where you’re likely to find two people like Whitney and Alex,” explains Quan Phung, the executive producer. Our interpretation? It could be set just about anywhere.
MOST OBSCURE SOUVENIR: Blackhawks jerseys are about as obscure as it gets.
BIGGEST MISTAKE: In the first season’s finale, Whitney and Alex tried to get to married at City Hall. Note to the show runners: The city seal features an image of an infant in a shell, not what appears to be a flying squirrel.


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