Chicago's Best Beers

Best Wheats

From the hefeweizen to the American wheat pale ale, this style offers a ton of variety. Creamy or juicy, bitter or sweet, savory or fruity—the options are endless.

  • 312 Urban Wheat
    Goose Island

  • Winner

    5 Lizard
    5 Rabbit

  • Ebel’s Weiss
    Two Brothers
    Drink from the source

Beers chosen according to a survey of shop owners, brewmasters, beer bloggers, and enthusiastic Chicago magazine staffers. Even though it is no longer a craft beer company by definition, Goose Island was included since some beers are still brewed here.



11 months ago
Posted by sporto007

On the bottle of 312 it says brewed in Fort Collins, Colorado. I'm just saying.

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