Chicago's Best Beers

Best Wheats

From the hefeweizen to the American wheat pale ale, this style offers a ton of variety. Creamy or juicy, bitter or sweet, savory or fruity—the options are endless.

  • 312 Urban Wheat
    Goose Island

  • Winner

    5 Lizard
    5 Rabbit

  • Ebel’s Weiss
    Two Brothers
    Drink from the source

Beers chosen according to a survey of shop owners, brewmasters, beer bloggers, and enthusiastic Chicago magazine staffers. Even though it is no longer a craft beer company by definition, Goose Island was included since some beers are still brewed here.


7 months ago
Posted by sporto007

On the bottle of 312 it says brewed in Fort Collins, Colorado. I'm just saying.

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