Post-Election Roundup: A Little Bit of Reform, a Lot of Political Maneuvering

The aldermanic runoffs produced an upset in the 36th ward, a near-upset in the 25th ward, and a changing of the guard in the 50th. Reporters and writers are starting to drill down into the results. Plus: more Berny Stone.

* Mayor-elect Emanuel’s been publicly pretty quiet, but he’s been making the rounds: “As part of his effort to woo potential allies and shape the council, Emanuel conducted ward-specific polling in council races and shared it with allies. He also has met with more than 40 sitting or future aldermen.”

* WBEZ has really compelling–and really pretty moving–footage of election night at Berny Stone’s office.

* Even less sanguine than Stone in defeat: John Rice, the 36th ward incumbent and William J.P. Banks’s aide, who was appointed by Daley to fill Banks’s shoes. It’s considered an upset, but Rice made some high-profile missteps in his brief tenure. Rice got an endorsement (but not money) from Emanuel, and still lost to fireman Nick Sposato. John Kass weighs in.

* Speaking of upsets, WBEZ talks with Ameya Pawar. Which reminds me of what Kass wrote immediately in the wake of the election, about Emanuel representing a lack of change. I don’t think he’s wrong, but the broader a vote is, the less likely it’s going to produce change. You don’t go to Total Request Live (how’s that for dating myself?) for the cutting-edge. But on the aldermanic level, there have been inroads from independents.

* Carol Felsenthal has a roundup, in which she explains how Danny Solis’s domination in Chinatown likely saved him in his near-upset race in the 25th ward. Ben Joravsky explains why Emanuel backed Solis even though Solis backed Chico; it’s something to keep in mind about how politics works.

* WBEZ, which has been doing excellent work, talks with Mary Ann Smith, Marty Oberman, and Hunter Clauss.



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