The Air and Water Show Screams into Chicago

If it sounds like an air raid downtown, it’s that time of year again, a magic weekend when the blood pressure of every downtown office worker spikes.

Air and Water Show Chicago


Having a bit of the trainspotter in me (I do live near a massive Metra roundhouse, though not close enough to really appreciate the sounds), I’ve always thought it would be interesting to live in Clearing or Jamaica, New York, in the shadow of a major airport. Then the Air & Water Show comes to town.


(It’s tough, actually. I try to envision myself as Edward R. Murrow.)



I do, however, always look forward to the pictures.

Chicago air and water show


chicago air and water show


But as someone from a boating family, I’m always surprised that the Water part doesn’t get more love. I demand more of this:

chicago air and water show


Photographs: Chicago Tribune / Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar (CC by 2.0) / cikaga jamie (CC by 2.0) / Tribune archive photo



3 years ago
Posted by NeeCee

I want to thank the organizers of the 2011 Air and Water Show . This was the first year of my living within a few blocks of the lakefront; that I actually was not terrorized everytime an air craft went by at supersonic speed. The emotional affects/reaction is unbelievable and you’re just left amazed I guess that your windows are still in tack (with every fly by). Additionally, I want to say I am so grateful that this emotional rollercoaster didn’t take place this year every 5 minutes. I guess there were either different air crafts used, or they were moving slower, or maybe jets flew farther away. Ok so there are issues of polution and retarded spending for the sack of 'etertainment', but at least it didn't feel like living a weekend in a war zone.

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