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Most Memorable Chicago Stories of 2011

With the year coming to a close, we asked our Twitter followers and Facebook fans to send us their picks for the top Chicago stories of 2011. Here’s a list of the most memorable, plus some additions from our staff.

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What started off as a gag by former Columbia College professor Dan Sinker turned into the ”first real work of digital literature.” Sinker’s fake Twitter account, @MayorEmanuel, chronicled the adventures—both real and imaginary—of the then-mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel, a notorious foul-mouth. But Sinker’s identity as the author of @MayorEmanuel remained a mystery until the “real Rahm Emanuel offered to donate $5,000 to the charity of the anonymous Tweeter’s choice if the creator of the account would out himself.” From The Atlantic, where Sinker revealed his identity:

The profane, brilliant stream of tweets not only may be the most entertaining feed ever created, but it pushed the boundaries of the medium, making Twitter feel less like a humble platform for updating your status and more like a place where literature could happen. Never deviating too far from the reality of the race itself, @MayorEmanuel wove deep, hilarious stories. It was next-level digital political satire and caricature, but over the months the account ran, it became much more. By the end, the stream resembled an epic, allusive ode to the city of Chicago itself, yearning and lyrical.

The @MayorEmanuel Twitter stream has since been published in The F***ing Epic Quest of @MayorEmanuel.

Memorable Moments:

* Dan Sinker on the Colbert Report:

* Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy performed The Black Eyed Peas at the book release party for The F***ing Epic Quest of @MayorEmanuel:



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