Christmas in Chicago in the 1960s

Some things are timeless, like cars with chrome and fins and mayors named “Daley.” Somethings are timeless and just so subtly eerie, like clowns and Dick Clark.

It was a simpler time: Children’s TV stars, pols in swank cars, and of course Dick Clark. (Someday our great-grandchildren will see an ageless TV jock leading parades and counting down the new year. My guess: Ryan Secrest, the evolutionary Dick Clark. I’d say the odds are non-trivial that they’ll see another Mayor Daley lead a Chicago parade once again. I just hope they’re lucky enough for cars with fins to make a comeback.)

Simpler except for maybe the clowns. As the narrator notes, they’re pretty creepy, no less in shadowy Zapruder-esque home-movie footage.



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