Scott Turow Explains Rahm Emanuel to New Yorkers

The local lawyer and world-famous crime novelist, who’s also pretty well connected to city and state Democrats, gets called on by the New York Times to tell their readers what’s going on with the Chicago mayoral race.

Scott Turow, the Chicago lawyer and novelist, has a medium-length profile of Rahm Emanuel and his candidacy in the New York Times Magazine. If you’ve been following the ins and outs of the campaign, not a lot of it will be new to you, but there are some good quotes that help explain what appears to be a substantial lead going into the home stretch: the manner in which his connections and fundraising abilities have allowed him to spend so much time doing public appearances; how his money and organizational skill allowed him to hit the ground running in a short election cycle; and anecdotal evidence that his relationship with Obama has indeed helped him with black voters.

But this was my favorite quote:

“Like? Like is not the point.”



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