Want to Start One of the Best Bars in Chicago? Build Along a Diagonal Street

Location, location, location: if our guide to the city’s best bars is any indication, one thing many of them share, whether dive or cocktail lounge or neighborhood haunt, is a location on or near one of the city’s diagonal corridors.

Our 100 Best Bars package just went online, and it features a wonderful map put together by my colleague @tribluke. Because of how my brain works, I was immediately distracted from the many great offerings our team put together by a pattern on the map. It makes sense, if you consider the most efficient way of commuting in Chicago (or if you’ve ever gone from downtown to Weegee’s).

Update: Indeed, Guys Drinking Beer calls Lincoln Avenue Chicago’s best drinking street.



2 years ago
Posted by paytonc

Not too surprising, considering that a century ago Lincoln and Milwaukee were called German and Polish Broadway, respectively, and were also known for their great bars. These kinds of business clusters, like the still extant garment district at ~600 W Roosevelt, have a funny way of sticking around.

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