A Flickr Trove of Old Chicago Photos

Stumbling across a well-organized archive of pictures of downtown Chicago, Lawndale, Pilsen, and more throughout the decades leads me astray for an afternoon.

While looking for something completely different, I stumbled across a Flickr photostream and subsequently lost my afternoon to it: Joe+Jeanette Archie. There are pictures of all kinds, many of which won’t be of interest to the average viewer, but there are loads of pictures of Chicago from the ’30s through the ’80s. The Lawndale album is spectacular:

Lawndale ChicagoLawndale Chicago


Downtown in the 1940s and ’50s:

Downtown Chicago 1950


Downtown in the 1960s:

Downtown Chicago 1960sDowntown Chicago 1950s


Views from the top of the Wrigley Building in 1950:

Wrigley Building Chicago


Stock car racing at Soldier Field:

Soldier Field car racing


And much more, including pictures from the El, pictures from the Sears Tower in the 1970s, and so forth.


Photographs: Joe+Jeanette Archie (CC by 2.0)



3 years ago
Posted by denisep

Amazing pictures, but I think my favorite album of theirs is the one documenting participation in Hands Across America. SO AWESOME. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jarchie/sets/72157618858895321/with/3574232155/)

2 years ago
Posted by igor

I continue to search for photos taken in Chicago during the years 1940 and earlier. I found this site and enjoyed searching and also print screening the ones that I want to keep.
Jerry Paich

6 months ago
Posted by thomas w. atkielski

Having moved from the Grand & Ashland area to Kedzie & Addison, I've looking for the oldest pictures of both areas, but have found nothing! Now living in Fullerton Ca., (Oh woe is me,) I am more homesick than ever! Can you direct me to a site where such old photos can be found, especially those shot in the 1800s! Thanks TWA

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