Blonde Redhead and My Gold Mask: Free Millennium Park Show

Two bands with two very different takes on dream pop promise a good free show for a hot night in downtown Chicago.

If you missed Pitchfork because it cost money or because it was too long to be out in the heat, there’s always the free Downtown Sound series, which has been Pfork-worthy in its programming this year. Tonight is almost your last chance to catch it: the penultimate show features multinational dream-pop vets Blonde Redhead and increasingly buzz-worthy Chicago duo My Gold Mask, tonight in Millennium Park at 6:30.

They make a good pair for a very hot summer day: both are in the ballpark of atmospheric, sensual dream-pop that just sounds like a humid city night, but in entirely different ways. My Gold Mask is all edges and rhythm, the chiming guitars punctuated by big drums, sharp percussion, and Gretta Rochelle’s big voice.

Blonde Redhead, on the other hand, is the chillout tent: wispy electronic textures and just-too-slow-to-dance drums lifting Kazu Makino’s fragile voice. It’s music to sit under a heat dome to.

My Gold Mask - Violet Eyes - Official Video from Jim Newberry on Vimeo.



3 years ago
Posted by squarepeg

I never heard Blonde Redhead before and so was looking forward to the July 18 concert. Unfortunately, the usually clear and balanced sound of Millenium Park was missing. What I heard was muddy and distorted. I never thought I'd say this but I wish the drums hadn't been so over miked. The vocals were a blur - I couldn't tell one song from another. I left wondering if the band was good or not. I couldn't tell.

Also - I know this sounds wierd but is the female singer physically challenged in some way? The way she moved during the first few songs matched the way some physically and mentally challenged adults that I work with move. If she is challenged then I say congratulations to her on her accomplishments. She shows that everyone can follow their dreams.

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