Will You Sign Up For Chicago’s Bike-Sharing Program?

You’ve read the early reviews for Divvy, Chicago’s new bike-sharing program. Got plans to join?

Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune

Chicago’s bike-sharing program has hit the streets. Are you in?

Divvy, the city’s new bike sharing program, launched on June 28. The initial reviews are in. Here’s a handful of verdicts:

  • The bikes, even if they’re a bit bulky, are functional.
  • The program itself has problems, but that’s pretty typical.
  • This is not the kind of bike you’d take out for a ride with Team Judson

Yet the biggest questions about bike-sharing in this city will be answered by the commuters of Chicago.

Will you actually sign up? What kind of plan will you choose? If you’re already on board, where have you been riding?



1 year ago
Posted by itakethetrain

I signed up as an annual member and I love it. I can't wait for more stations to roll out.

I've mostly used it to get to work meetings around downtown so far. I often walk to meetings across downtown, since transit often isn't convenient from my office to my destination or I'm going somewhere just close enough that it doesn't seem worth going a couple blocks out of my way to then wait for a train or bus. And cabs aren't cheap. But Divvy can cut a 15-20 minute walk down to five minutes. Or from River North to UIC for example, the short bike ride is just easier than hiking to the Blue Line and waiting for the train underground. The bikes are also a comfortable and fun ride, and it's easy to use.

I'm looking forward to enjoying the same benefits getting around my neighborhood when the Divvy stations open in Lakeview. I live by the Belmont Red Line station. Restaurants and shops on Broadway, Southport and Lincoln will feel much closer when my hiking across the neighborhood becomes a short Divvy ride. People in Lakeview often stick to the bubble within a few blocks' walk of their home, and I think Divvy will expand some people's bubbles.

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