Jack Schaap Will Serve 12 Years for Sex with a Minor

The pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond was sentenced today.

photograph: courtesy of first baptist church of hammond

Jack Schaap, the fallen pastor of an Indiana megachurch whose story was detailed in the January issue of Chicago, was sentenced Wednesday to 12 years in federal prison for having sex with an underage girl.

Schaap, 55, a married father of two, was fired from First Baptist Church of Hammond after admitting to having sex with a 16-year-old girl who he was counseling. The sentence was part of a deal Schaap agreed to when he pleaded guilty in September to taking a minor across state lines with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

Authorities say Schaap “groomed” the girl during numerous counseling sessions, then began making physical overtures including kissing her in his office. Schaap told the victim that a sexual relationship was “exactly what Christ desires for us,” according to a March 13 filing by prosecutors. According to the document, Schaap had sex with the teenager during numerous trips to his Michigan cabin and a vacation home in Crete. He also had sex with her in his office during a youth conference, the prosecutors say.

In an earlier filing, Schaap pleaded for leniency, blaming problems with his prostate, exhaustion from 100-hour work weeks, and the mental strain of financial difficulties that forced him to lay off church employees.

Prosecutors responded with a memorandum that revealed hitherto unknown details about the extent of the relationship, including long love letters written by the ex-pastor to the girl. Here are five of the most revolting details revealed in the report.

In the same filing, the victim and her family wrote of the damage the relationship caused and their feelings of betrayal at the hands of the most trusted member of the ultra-conservative church.

“I was raised by my parents and teachers to trust and obey my pastor,” the victim wrote in one of two victim impact statements. “He was a celebrity to me, a father figure, and a man of God….[Schaap] violated my trust. But when it was being violated, I didn’t even know it because he made me believe what we were doing was okay ad right in the eyes of God.”



1 year ago
Posted by OyVey

Saddest thing is there are many who still believe this man is all that and a bag of chips. What he did was utterly wrong!

1 year ago
Posted by thatkid92

It's funny how certain self-righteous men like to say they are doing "what God wants" when they want to justify doing something entirely wrong.

1 year ago
Posted by Focus on God

What is even sadder is that another Pastor Mark Chappell has done even worse yet he remains in the pulpit in Phoenix, AZ at Freeway Baptist Church. He admitted to the congregation that he impregnated a minor under his counseling at First Baptist Long Beach in 1999 and resigned. He earlier allegedly molested young girls at Heritage Baptist Church in Wallingford, CT while a youth pastor but his father was friends with the Pastor there and nothing serious was done in 1989. Link to Mark Chappell
http://www.stufffundieslike.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=4303 Mark went back to CA and later became Pastor at Long Beach after his father was forced to step down for adultery. The head pastor at Heritage BC CT later resigned for adultery. Google it or call his brother Pastor Paul Chappell at West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA. You can also ask his brother Pastor Steve Chappell of Coastline Baptist Church in Oceanside, CA.
Another girl who was a member at Trinity Baptist Church in NH under Pastor Chuck Phelp's oversight was the victim but treated like the perpetrator by Phelps who covered for the molester Joshua Budgett who was recently convicted on 10 counts for up to life as he was a previously 2x convicted and registered sex offender whom reverend Phelps married to the girl's mother while he was in a half way house for these crimes. ref: http://www.concordmonitor.com/home/5598216-95/pittsfield-man-convicted-on-10-counts-of-sexually-assaulting-his-stepdaughter and http://chucklestravels.com/2013/04/10/sick-puppy-joshua-budgett/#comment-6792
Chuck Phelps was recently defended by Bob Jones III of Bob Jones University after hiring him and another cover up by Phelps 13 years earlier in the Tina Anderson case. In this case Phelps was lucky the statue of limitations had run out. She was forced by Phelps to apologize in front of the church for getting pregnant after being raped by a man 2x her age.
There are many more cases of children being abused by Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) pastors that these sources and Googling will reveal. Many other men of high regard in these circles have willing participated in these cover ups to protect the reputations of their circle. This is disturbing and thank God the internet exposes them.

1 year ago
Posted by Focus on God

If you know of any child who is sexually abused call the Police. These proclaimed men of God got fat on tithes and thought way to highly of themselves and God will mow them down like grass.

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