The New City Council: Not Quite Ready for Prime Time?

Mayor Emanuel scores a unanimous council victory on his first day in office. A new rubber-stamp council? Or just opening-day jitters? Plus: City Council guides.

Rahm Emanuel City Council


The Reader’s Mick Dumke has a great blow-by-blow dispatch from the first city council meeting. It wasn’t all smooth:

Munoz says he wasn’t provided a copy of the rules laying out committee duties and jurisdictions until after the council meeting was underway. “I just saw this at 10:10,” he says. Other aldermen say they haven’t had much time to look it over either. “Oh, a minute,” says rookie 43rd Ward alderman Michele Smith.

But Dumke’s most interesting observation comes in comments, at 1:11 AM (sorry, no permalink, just scroll down). I mean, eek, but I’m sure I look like a deer in the headlights on my first day at every job. Mark Brown noticed something similar.

Meanwhile, three reporters from the Trib and the CNC’s Dan Mihalopoulous explain what the first big vote means for your future, especially Patrick O’Connor’s Workforce Development and Audit Committee.

And here are a couple guides to your new City Council: the Reader (punchy as always), the CNC, and the Trib.


Photograph: Chicago Tribune



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