That Big New Building on Division and Ashland Is Signing Leases Now

The 99 apartments at 1611 W. Division, aka the Tower of Pizza Hut, are going fast for rents from $1,495 to $3,295.

1611 W. Division

Photo: Dennis Rodkin

That new hunk of eye candy that’s nearly complete at Ashland and Division started leasing apartments late last week. Popping up above all its neighbors on the old Polonia Triangle, the building, called 1611 W. Division, is an instant landmark, its 11 stories wrapped in an asymmetrical pattern of windows and reflective metal panels.

Replacing an old Pizza Hut on an A-plus corner served by the Blue Line and six bus lines, the building has 99 apartments, in configurations ranging from studio to two-bedroom, as well as assorted amenities and flourishes intended to fit it right into the arty Ukrainian Village/Wicker Park milieu. Among them: An outdoor gallery wall 100 feet high, a big bike garage—but almost no car parking—and sleek, contemporary interiors.

Rents run from $1,495 to $3,295, according to Rob Buono, a partner in the development team. That’s considerably higher than the $995 to $2,600 range the developers announced in early 2012; even so, as of Tuesday “about a dozen” units were already leased, for move-ins October 1, according to Jamie McNally, an employee of the development team.

Click through the photos to tour the building and learn more about its rentals.

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11 months ago
Posted by AnnaT

The location is great, the apartments look beautiful...but I just moved out of another M fishman property....They're terrible.

Really. REALLY terrible.
I wrote out my experience on yelp...lots of other people have had pretty terrible experiences too.

The building will be trash in a couple years. M fishman shouldn't even be a company anymore...constant breeches to lease and legal code. Really despicable company.

Happy for those of you that will enjoy it while it's good and hope you get out before you have to watch M fishman destroy this beautiful building.

11 months ago
Posted by grantjg1

Beautiful? This has to be the ugliest new building in Chicago. Just an architectural abortion.

11 months ago
Posted by Arijay

It looks like a futuristic prison.

I also love when developers completely ignore the surounding neighborhood. I hope these guys lose their ass and the bank takes back the property.

Such an eye sore.

11 months ago
Posted by zoedu

Hate it. Nearly every day I have to pass by and see this thing, and I hate it just a little bit more each time.

It looks like a 1980s vision of a future prison. Absolutely stunning and disgusting disregard for the landmark/historic architecture that surrounds the Polish Triangle. How this plan ever got approved / zoned is a mystery.

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