Rodkin on Telltale Signs That a Real Estate Market Has Hit Bottom

Readers ask questions, and our real estate expert answers. This week, a reader named Beth from Streeterville asks what clues signal that the real estate market in her town or neighborhood has hit bottom.

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2 years ago
Posted by bbolan

Not a fan of the Case Schiller Index?

First I have ever heard of the 15x rule of thumb idea... love it.

Keep up the great work.

2 years ago
Posted by New York Real Estate Agent

As a life-long NYer, and someone who has been working with as a Sales Agent, I am happy to read positive news about the Real Estate bottom being reached. At some point, as we have been working with clients who recently moved to Chicago and what they call Chicagoland, we hope to be able to work in both markets within two years. I am hopeful to be able to do that as both cities seem to be going through a stabilization process, which can only be good for the both metro areas, as well as the rest of the country.

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