Rodkin on Selling When Your Mortgage is Underwater

Readers ask questions, and our real estate expert answers. This week, a reader named Larry asks for advice on selling his home even though his mortgage is underwater.

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2 years ago
Posted by Coonley Dad

Personally, I found the rent option appealing because it allowed my family to move into a better school district. Not to mention our rental income exceeds the rent we pay. Searching for homes by school district is really hard though, so I built this tool that can help parents find great Chicago schools with homes available right now within their budget: I wish I had this when I was searching for schools....I would have considered other neighborhoods that are less expensive than we live now with similar school quality.

2 years ago
Posted by Dennis Rodkin

Nice work, Coonley Dad. I'm interested. Please contact me (847 266 7906 and

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