Rodkin on the Best Real Estate Websites

Readers ask questions, and our real estate expert answers. This week, a reader named Veronica from West Loop asks which real estate website she should use when shopping for a home. Rodkin explains the pros and cons of a few different ones.

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2 years ago
Posted by ryanferrell

Beyond discovering the home or condo, you should do some background research. It may turn up nothing, but you could discover a lien on the property or other red flags.

See what permits or violations the city has on the building.
- (use the sort options on the right to narrow the results)

See if there are many lawsuits against the owner or by the HOA against other owners using the full docket search. There's a pull down for "civil" (default, for HOA past dues) and "chancery" (for foreclosures). This does not capture all owners past-due on assessments, only the ones so far behind that they are worth suing.
- http://www.cookcountyclerkofcourt.or...EINFOPage=2400

You can also see tax, lien, and past mortgage information on these two city websites. You'll need the PIN code for the property, which is on Redfin or Chicago Top Condos or other sites.
- (Broad overview, includes tax info)
- (Lein, past mortgage information, click the owner's name for other properties owned in Cook County)

2 years ago
Posted by ryanferrell

Corrections to two inexplicably shortened links above.

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