What You’ll Eat All Day at The Winchester

Chef Greg Bastien goes over the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus at his forthcoming Ukrainian Village place.

This soft boiled egg with toast and bacon: On the menu at The Winchester this fall.   Photo: Greg Bastien

A forthcoming 60-seater along Augusta Boulevard in Ukrainian Village, The Winchester (1001 N. Winchester Ave., no phone yet) represents the first head-chef gig for Greg Bastien (Avec, Perennial, Tavernita). He told us about the Winchester’s plan to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

• Breakfast: “It’s going to be very café style,” Bastien says. “Counter[-service] pastries, some made in-house, some sourced. Charcuterie will probably come from West Loop Salumi. Tarts, quiches, things like that, oatmeal granola. Local coffee, local pastry, local breads.”

• Lunch: “Soups, antipasti sort of things. Marinated kale, quinoa, and radish, for instance,” he says. “I think we will do a crudités side, as opposed to chips. No matter who you are and what your lifestyle is, you will find something to enjoy—rich and fatty, bright and green, meatloaf, pasta.”

• Dinner: “Initially the lunch and dinner menus will be pretty much the same,” he says. “We’ll start [diverging] by doing a rotating seasonal menu, and work our way up to a prix fixe, which could also be ordered à la carte. Dinner will eventually be eight or nine more items and a little more adventurous.”

Bastien’s bastion is scheduled to open toward the end of October.




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