Weekend Update

I met a couple of the boys at McFadden’s Thursday to catch the KU/SIU game. As far as deals go, the bar’s $10 all-you-can-drink Bud Light and buffet special from 6 to 8 p.m. was pretty hard to pass up - even though I hadn’t been planning on going out that night. The place was packed, with a respectable Kansas contingency representing. I met a mullet-sporting couple from Topeka and a group of fans from the Kansas City area. It got me pining for my college days in Lawrence, the best four and a half years of my young adult life.

I had hoped to take things down a notch Friday with a stop at the boxing and fitness center GoTime - but that didn’t quite work out. I was there to watch a segment taping for Upscale TV: Chicago, a local magazine show hosted and produced by Bill Kelly that airs midnight Saturdays on WFLD, the local Fox affiliate. In the show, Kelly presents a sort of man-about-town persona, accompanied everywhere he goes by a gaggle of girls: you know, a guy who’s living the so-called good life - with a camera crew following him around while he stages scenarios portraying him as a Hef archetype. Kelly’s female crew on Friday consisted of a batch of strippers from the Bridgeview gentleman’s club Polekatz

At first, I didn’t really understand why 21-year-old strippers were in the boxing ring with Kelly, giving him lap dances. What does that have to do with a boxing gym? I wondered. But it was less about the gym and more about Kelly and his “access” to all things “upscale.” Behind the layers of makeup and fewer layers of clothing, the girls were sweet and handed me a bunch of business cards, for the next time I find myself in Bridgeview in need of a strip club. (I did feel a sudden urge to wash my hands.)

On Saturday I came back to my safe place and got a group together to watch the KU game at Cans, sans strippers. After the disappointing outcome, I needed some cheering up, so I headed to an engagement party at Union Park for L. and D., a couple of friends tying the knot in Traverse City, Michigan, on 7-7-07, the luckiest day of the year.

I brought a date with me: Denver Boy. He and I have been FWPs (friends with potential) for months. Thankfully, The Marrieds went easy on him. After a few cocktails and some catching up, I had another party to attend: a friend’s 30th birthday at Citizen (364 W. Erie St.). I rejoined Team Lush to celebrate there; however, Citizen is a much better scene in the summer (the place was only about one-third full). One guy friend did manage to meet a girl he liked, but after putting in some quality talking time with her, she ended up blowing him off for a slick and tanned Aussie wearing a white sport coat a la Don Johnson, circa Miami Vice.

We left Citizen and made one last stop at The Underground with the birthday boy and his posse. On my way over, I sent a text to the owners to see if we’d have any trouble getting in. “Boys or girls?” the response said. I brought both - but the place was such a zoo, I didn’t last too long.

I covered a lot of ground over the weekend but learned one very important lesson: No matter how good the idea sounds at the time, never attempt to make mac and cheese at 3:30 a.m. after a night of party-hopping. And steer clear of strippers.

Celebrity Beat
I wasn’t the only one tossing them back on Saturday night. Comedian Damon Wayans, in town since last Thursday for his shows at Schaumburg’s Improv Comedy Club, partied with his agent and an entourage of buddies at Enclave nightclub until close. “He cracked jokes throughout the night,” my spy reports. The star of Showtime’s new sketch show The Underground was drinking vodka-cranberries and taking shots of Patron tequila.



7 years ago
Posted by Anonymous

The comment from the last post was true. You really do mention the Underground or Billy Dec in every single column. Don't you have anything else to write about?

7 years ago
Posted by Anonymous

I'm just a little bit curious, do you do anything in your spare time other than attend every bar in Chicago? How about the CSO? The circus or a magic convention? Synagogue? Do you spend any time at all with family?
Call me Curious.

7 years ago
Posted by Mark

Don't spend your time hanging around that guy Bill Kelly. His show is the worst!

7 years ago
Posted by Gimme a Break

I have had the unfortunate run-in with that guy Bill Kelly, too. He makes every place look so cheesy and he's rude...acts like he's entitled to freebies...I don't know why they even call that show Upscale. It should be called Dumb! Obviously the only reason it's on the air is because he pays for it. Still, why would Fox associate themselves with him? Embarrassing.

7 years ago
Posted by L.A.R.

To Mark's comment-
I'll never forget driving by some random bar in Boystown on the night before Thanksgiving. I remember seeing an older, lonely man sitting in the window. He looked half-asleep, but I think that was from his sadness since he was drinking by himself on a holiday traditionally spent with close friends and family. I'm sure that the Old Man wasn't always alone and drinking by himself. It was his choices that he made when he was younger that drove him to this point. He chose a night out with randoms over a night in with a close friend or significant other. He chose to rub elbows with the 'in-crowd' instead of rubbing elbows with those who really cared for him. Fast-forward 20 years later, and you get a man who has traded a fast-paced past for a stale and lonesome future.
So how does this fit in? We have the privilege to read about the chronicles of a Chicago woman who is quickly approaching her middle-ages. She flirts with randoms, gets wasted on expensive martinis, and spends time text messaging bar owners to try to get the 'in.' She is the epitome of the Old Man in the window. If the Old Man had a column 10 years ago, it'd be very similar. Last Girl Standing now, Alone Girl Sitting later.

7 years ago
Posted by LGS Fan

Sarah's job is to report on the nightlife. The girl has a life outside of this, don't forget. But she is paid to write about where she goes and who she sees. If she wrote about her nights in, or going to synagogue, we wouldn't be nearly as interested...
Personally I like the blogs about dating and relationships, but I know she can't always write about that and maintain her own privacy. Keep it up SP!

7 years ago
Posted by Anonymous

I agree that we do not want to hear about family outings or even a night out at the CSO. How about the fact that someone chose to write about SAP and thinks that she will be an Alone Girl Sitting Later? Jealous of the fun nights out with friends and flirting? SP has the rest of her life to do "family" things. I am certain that she will look back on this time with fond memories one day when she is surronded by her own family only wishing for a night out on the town.

7 years ago
Posted by A+

The point of "Last Girl Standing" is about the nightlife and dating scene, Mark. All you had to do was read her bio to find that out. WHY DON'T PEOPLE READ?!

7 years ago
Posted by Anonymous

I would much rather shake hands w/some of the "sweet" strippers in this city than anyone who has a perpetual mr. "right now". Sleazy!

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