Weekend Photos: The Boarding House

Our Saturday night spin through the white-hot Boarding House produced some downright stunning snapshots…

Our Saturday night spin through the white-hot Boarding House produced some downright stunning snapshots. The stemware was clinking at master sommelier Alpana Singh’s month-old River North restaurant, which offers a menu of 450 globally sourced wines by the bottle and 20 by-the-glass picks. While we couldn’t get enough of the dramatic ceiling installation—a sight to behold with 3,456 dangling wine bottles—the handsome crowd (understandably) seemed fixated on the grapes.


Photography: Jeff Schear

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2 years ago
Posted by AlisonS

Went here this past week with a group to celebrate a friend's birthday. As everyone else has mentioned, the decor definitely has that "wow" factor - hanging bottles and glasses all over the ceiling. It's a poor soul who has to dust those things. On the surface it seems like an ideal spot for a special occasion, however a few things added up to make this not quite the experience we'd all been hoping for.

For the most part, the issues boiled down to attention to detail (or lack thereof). The menu is divided into small, medium and large plates so you can either share or you can be excited like I was to finally get your own entree. The birthday girl's scallops were cold and while it was nice of them to completely remake the dish, the rest of us were finished with our entrees by the time hers came back. Equally annoying was our side dishes weren't delivered until well after our entrees were done. They did bring out a cheese plate and the crudo app so the bday girl wouldn't be awkwardly eating alone and they comped her scallops - both appreciated gestures although ones I think were warranted.

We ordered a few desserts and a few people ordered coffee as well. The chocolate oatmeal cookie sandwich was completely rock-solid through most of the middle and attempting to eat it would have ensured the loss of a few teeth. And again there were timing issues - dessert was done and the coffee was yet to be seen. Our server explained they'd brewed it fresh on a separate floor which is why it took so long, which is fine I suppose but seems just a wee bit inefficient.

I'm not a super picky patron but these things threw off the vibe of our meal. I realize that mistakes happen and if I was dropping only $20-30 I'd be much more lenient and probably not even care enough to write a review. But when each of us spent $80-90 on dinner, I expect near perfection. I'm sure I will try Boarding House again but probably not for a few months until they work out some of their beginner's kinks and timing issues.

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