Here’s a Map of the New Speed Cameras in Chicago

Thanks to the city’s new speeding cameras, you can get a ticket in Chicago at just 6 mph over the limit. Here’s where.

Photo: Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune

Leadfoots, beware: Chicago recently installed 50 more speed cameras around town. And you barely have to exceed the limit to get nailed.

In the four biggest cities with such cameras, here’s the minimum speed that’ll earn you a ticket in a 30 mph zone—plus what you’ll pay.

Baltimore Washington New York Chicago
42 mph ($40) 41 mph ($92) 40 mph ($50) 36 mph ($35)

Here’s more info about the program, and a handy map showing where the new cameras are being installed.

Where the Speed Cameras Are in Chicago




9 months ago
Posted by fight4autism

Where are they speed camera's on Devon st, please me the list

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