Your Winter Wardrobe Is About to Get a Boost

Icebreaker, the New Zealand outfitter known for its performance merino, is opening in the Gold Coast.

Photo: Courtesy of Icebreaker

Outdoor and active wear retailer Icebreaker is opening its first Chicago store at 44 East Walton Place in the Gold Coast. The New Zealand-based company is known for its all-weather merino wool jackets, leggings, and sweaters–not the heavy, itchy stuff, but a soft, breathable performance fiber. Sourced from free-range sheep farms in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, it’s a fresh alternative in a synthetics-dominated outdoor clothing industry.

While the 2,250-square-foot shop doesn’t officially open until December 5, eager shoppers get a special holiday sneak-peak: Doors open Wednesday, November 27 at 10 a.m., with everything in the store marked at 25 percent off. The sale continues on Black Friday and runs through Sunday, December 1.



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