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Saturday Morning Fever

Leiner's Flea-ing tips

1. If you can, go early. Many shows allow you to pay extra for advance access. It's often worth it.

2. Don't break up pairs. They're meant to stay together, and you will later regret not having that second chair.

3. Seek potential. Part of the fun is finding an unusual piece that can be repurposed into something else.

4. Buy big first. The really good big pieces are generally the first to go.

5. Ask, "What's your best price?" It's a polite way of testing the waters for a bargain.

6. Request details about the piece you are buying and keep as much information with it as possible (stick a note to the underside of a chair or back of a painting).

7. Love at first sight? If you loved it instantly, chances are someone else will love it, too. So buy it before that other person snags it!


To Market! To Market!

» Chicago Antique Market Last weekend of every month from May through October at Randolph Street between Ada Street and Ogden Avenue, 312-666-1200; chicagoantiquemarket.com. » Grayslake Antique Market Second Sunday of every month at the Lake County Fairgrounds at Route 120 and Route 45 in Grayslake, 715-526-9769; zurkopromotions.com. » Kane County FLEA MARKET First weekend of every month from July through December at Randall Road between Route 38 and Route 64 in St. Charles, 630-377-2253; kanecountyfleamarket.com. » Sandwich Antiques Market One Sunday every month from April through October (see Web site for dates) at the Sandwich Fairgrounds, 1401 Suydam Rd., Sandwich, 815-786-3337; antiquemarkets.com. » DuPage Antique Expo Last weekend in November at 4050 E. Main St., St. Charles, 715-526-9769; zurkopromotions.com. » Wolff's Flea Market Nearly every Saturday and Sunday from May through October (see Web site for dates) at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, 847-524-9590; wolffs.com.



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