Welcome to Brendan Sodikoff's hoedown. Vibe-wise, the dude has outdone himself. Green Street Smoked Meats is one gigunda ramshackle room that drips with southern ’tude—dangling lights, bins of Butternut bread loaves, Country Western music. Get in line to place your protein order at the first counter, next stop is for sides and non-alky drinks, immediately followed by the cashier. Sauces and such are there for the taking. Manhandle your oversize cafeteria tray to a picnic table and chow down. Of course, you can make a pit stop at the roaadhouse bar and hope your pals don’t polish off the ribs before you get back.

Scenesters? Foodies? Sure. But they are all mixed in with a bunch of guys who look like truckers in need of a shower and shave.

Despite the entrance being hidden halfway down the side of the building, you should have no trouble finding GSSM. Just follow your nose—literally.




Green Street Smoked Meats112 N. Green St., West Loop